Vacuum Calibrators
Complete Solution In Plastic Extrusion Plant

Being a leading plastic machine manufacturer in India, Vrundavan Plastic Engg. Works has made a name for itself both locally and internationally. Our extruder plants are designed after great research and thus deliver maximum performance without compromising on quality.

If raw plastic or any synthetic material has to turn into durable and precise shaped pipes and tubes, they have to go through various processes. One such stage is where the material spends time in the Vacuum Calibrator. This is manufactured at the Plastic Extrusion Plant in Ahmedabad which is the main production unit of the Vrundavan Engg. The Calibrator is attached to the die head from where the shaped raw material will exit the extruder unit. As the extruder heats the plastic mixture to a great degree to make it flexible enough to push it through the die head cavity, the forms that come out will be very hot. It is the work of the Vacuum Calibrator to cool the profiles and help them solidify in quick time so that they retain their composition and shape.

Every plastic machine manufacturer will set various thresholds during production and thus the Vacuum Calibrator designed and manufactured by Vrundavan Engg. comes with various control panels. The common heaters help central discharge of water whereas the pressure gauge helps to manage water pressure to clear blockage. State of the art electric panel helps monitor temperature and other indicators with ease. Such user-friendly operations make a huge difference as the production will be going on continuously. One can manoeuvre the equipment manually to adjust its positioning. These Vacuum Calibrators can be customised according to the specifications of the client at our Plastic Extrusion Plant in Ahmedabad ensuring you get the machinery that will boost your production.

MODEL UNIT VST 110 VST 200 VST 250 VST 315 VST 450 VST 630
Pipe Range mm 16 - 110 20 - 200 25-250 50-315 75-450 110-630
Cooling Length mm 4000/6000 6000 6000 6000/8000 6000/8000 6000/8000