Vacuum Calibrators
Complete Solution In Plastic Extrusion Plant

Door opening and closing by quick release toggle clamp.

Easy cleanable bayonet type Spray Nozzles.

Pressure gauge on water filters to see the blockage of filter.

Common header for central discharge water.

Stand from M.S. Box Pipe with Platform.

Temperature sensor, Thermocouple and Level Indicator with Angle Seat Valve

Tank reverse forward can do manually by hand wheel.

Tank up-down arrangement by screw Jack manually.

State of the art Electrical Panel.

MODEL UNIT VST 110 VST 200 VST 250 VST 315 VST 450 VST 630
Pipe Range mm 16 - 110 20 - 200 25-250 50-315 75-450 110-630
Cooling Length mm 4000/6000 6000 6000 6000/8000 6000/8000 6000/8000