Pipe Traction Unit
Complete Solution In Plastic Extrusion Plant

At Vrundavan Engg. our pipe traction units are made from high grade components and high quality materials and are designed using innovative methods. Featuring a sturdy structure and design, our pipe traction units are used in numerous pipe manufacturing industries. Double belt Traction Unit is typically meant for optimum pulling force. They also help prevent ovality even for larger diameter and thin wall pipe. All the tracks are driven by individual Geared Motor and AC DRIVES. Our pipe traction units can be synchronized with any extruders. Pneumatic clamping of pipe ensures easy setup and efficient pulling of pipe.

All our pipe traction units follow technological advancements and hence we are the best known manufacturers in this domain. We also fulfill the customized needs of our clients and thus we offer Servo drive unit on optional basis. Both Thick and Thin Types of units are deliverable on client requirement. Simple installation, easy setup as well as robust performance, easy accessibility for maintenance of all components is what makes us the best choice for pipe traction units.

Models   TU 75 TU 110 TU 200 TU 250 TU 315/3 TU 315/4 >TU 450/4 TU 630/6 TU 630/8 TU 800/8
Pipe Range mm 16-75 20-110 20-200 50-250 75-315 63-315 100-450 140-630 280-630 190-800
Caterpillars No. 2 2 2 2 3 4 4 6 8 8
Max. Line Speed Mtrs./Min 20 15 15 15 9.6-10.6 10 6.2-7.2 6.2-7.2 2.5-4 2.5-4
Contact Length mm 540 800 1200 160 1225 1200 1600 1450 1450 1850