Spring Conveyer
Complete Solution In Plastic Extrusion Plant

The quality of plastic pipes and tubes produced at any PVC braided pipe plant greatly depends on the raw material that the manufacturers use. Vrundavan Plastic Engg. Works along with our extruders also manufacture various supplementary machinery that ease the production process and enhance pace.

The Spiral Spring Conveyor is a specially designed equipment to supply dry raw material mixture from ground hopper to extruder hopper. The spiral design is adopted keeping in mind the properties of the material and what would be the safest method to transfer it. As the dry blend already contains chemicals and colors specified, it is necessary to keep it from any kind of contamination. That's why the spiral conveyor is made of specially treated steel pipe that is enclosed all the way through. An indication motor is affixed at the end of the spiral to help rotate the spiral continuously.

The compact yet highly functional Spiral Spring Conveyor design in PVC braided pipe plant makes sure that the prepared raw material is conveyed to the extruder section without any contamination. It is made of high quality steel preventing the body of the conveyor reacting with the chemicals in dry mixture.