Jockey Extruder
Complete Solution In Plastic Extrusion Plant

30 mm screw dia.

2 HP ac motor with drive & separate Electrical control Panel.

Used to make Lining on Pipe, Tube or Cables

Mobile unit to move anywhere easily

Can also be used to do extra coating on pipe.

Suitable for any extruder.

PVC pipes, sheets, and films have become an integral part of construction material in today's world. They are not made of any regular form of plastic but specially designed raw material that is lightweight and highly durable. Vrundavan Plastic Engg. Works is India's leading Jockey Extruder Manufacturers. We are proud to offer the best-in-class Jockey Extruders that are used in manufacturing such plastic materials.

As much as we use natural material for construction, the use of synthetic martial is equally vital taking into consideration the infrastructure requirements. When the pipes or tubes are extruded out of the die head they are made for a precise measurement and requirement. To make these tubes, pipes and cables tougher than usual, a Jockey Extruder adds lines on them. This equipment is essentially a part of the PVC braided pipe plant which produces plastic items that meet very unique industry requirements. Many a times these pipes and tubes are constantly exposed to sunlight, dust, wind and any other element that may damage them and hider their functioning. It is to avoid this, the Jockey Extruder can also be used to apply extra protective coat on the products before supplying them to the customers. We lead the pack of Jockey Extruder Manufacturers as all our extruders meet industry standards and possess qualities and features that are custom made according to the industry requirements.

The Jockey Extruder is a multipurpose equipment that can be attached to any extruder to make it more efficient and perform specific tasks. The design is compact and highly advanced making our Jockey Extruder portable and easy to manure. We deliver a completely assembled machine so that you can start production straight away. Each of our machinery is backed by Vrundavan Engg. expertise and experience giving you the best.