Pipe Cutting Unit (PCU)
Complete Solution In Plastic Extrusion Plant

We are the best plastic machinery Manufacturers known for our end to end solutions when it comes to manufacturing extruder plants. It is not only important to acquire good quality raw material or to have a state of the art vacuum calibrator. One needs to pay equal degree of attention to every other stage of production till the pipes and tubes are ready to be dispatched to the customers.

The Pipe Cutting Unit (PCU) designed by us is a very efficient equipment that eases out the production process in braided pipe plant and other extruder plants. It has linear table movement which ensures smooth operation. The pipes that are fed into the cutting unit are held in place by clamping system made of rubber. The cutter assembly and the clamping system are operated automatically vie a switch making them to move forward with pipes and to return once cutting is done.

The PCU settings in a braided pipe plant can be customized on the basis of the needs and the requirements of the client. The carbide tips cutter is made of top quality material making them durable for long period of time. The whole unit also is designed keeping in mind the safety and security of the workers. With each of our machinery, we aim to make production process of plastic machinery Manufacturers easy and efficient.

Models Pipe Range mm Clamping From Saw dia.
TCU 110 20-110 TOP 350
TCU 200 20-200 TOP 550
TCU 250 50-250 TOP 630
TCU 315 75-315 TOP 850
TCU 450 200-450 UNIVERSAL 180